When there are only a few days left in Lok Sabha elections, then it is obvious that budgets will also be affected by elections. Yogi government presented their third budget for Uttar Pradesh on 7th February. The budget was presented by UP Finance Minister Rajesh Agarwal in the legislative assembly which is around 4.79 crore.

It is being said that this budget is 12 times more than the budget last year. From this, the government will spend around 21,212 crore and 95 lakh rupees on new schemes. However, how much was spent on the already running schemes? Finance minister didn’t throw much light on what happened to those schemes.

According to media reports, Yogi government has given special attention to cow, shrines and madrasas in their budget. There is an allocation of Rs 450 crore for Gaushalas, Rs 459 crore for modernization of madrassas and Rs 462 crore for various development projects in Ayodhya, Kashi & Mathura.

How will new jobs be generated in the state? There is little answer to this question on the budget. Maybe that is the reason why this budget is being called ‘political budget’ by opposition leaders like Mayawati.

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