Activate Newspaper 8.5 and 9.6.1 theme

Newspaper 8.5

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Theme is great, support is even better. But then again, on a lovely rainy day, I decided to make another staging area on my Google compute instance. So I installed Ubuntu, edited files to make it ready connecting to Server Pilot, installed it, and finally added WordPress app. I decided to start the staging area with the latest version of my Newspaper theme. I logged in to Envato and downloaded the theme.

Newspaper 9.6.1

I tweaked the files according to previous article on version 8 activation.

I uploaded and applied the theme. The surprise I got for this Christmas was just what I needed: The theme activation did not work! Oh, man… but after thorough investigation through the td_ajax.php I found a couple solutions. The easiest one is to:

  1. navigate to /wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster/td_ajax.php
  2. find this: if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === true) {
    (which should be located on line 926)
  3. And change it to: if (self::self_check($id, $ec, $ad) === false) {

Save the file and that’s it.


To activate the theme use MANUAL activation link:

Go to admin dashboard > Newspaper > Activate theme > click Activate the theme manually (which is located all the way down in the footer)
You can put anything you like. Here’s mine:
Envato purchase code:
TagDiv activation key:

Click Button ACTIVATE => Done

Theme activation
Theme successfully activated using manual activation. Thanks for buying our product.

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