NEW DELHI: 500,00,00,00,000. Yes, you saw the correct figure! This is how much India’s second most-wealthiest person in India, Azim Premji will be donating for philanthrophic works.

Wipro Limited chairman has committed to sharing 34 per cent of his shares for charity works. In real numbers, it would stand at 7.5 billion dollars or Rs 52,750 crores, according to a news article.

With this, his total donation stands at Rs 1,45,000 crores or 21 billion dollars, making his not-for-profit foundation, Azim Premji Foundation, the largest in the world in terms of charity.

Azim Premji Foundation which was started in 2001 works in partnership with various state governments including Telangana. Interestingly, the foundation began its work in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh during its inception.

Azim Premji, who is a rank down Mukesh Ambani in terms of wealth, was the first Indian to sign the pledge which was started by American billionaires, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to donate 50 per cent of their wealth for philanthropic purposes.