Love doesn’t look at race, religion, age, color or appearance. There is a love story on social media where the age difference between the couple is 32 years. Not only that, they had a teacher-student relationship. Let’s find out what the full love story is. Falls in love.

In fact, the viral story is about a 52-year-old teacher who is married to one of her 20-year-old students. The couple’s story has become viral on social media. She said she loved the teacher’s looks and personality. The couple decided to get married despite their 32-year difference. Though relatives raised many objections to this, but still the two decided to become one.

This love story is from neighboring Pakistan, where their story has been brought to the forefront by a YouTuber. Zoya Noor, 20, said she fell in love with Sajid Ali, a 52-year-old teacher. Joa is doing B.Com from a college, and she was attracted to Sajid’s appearance and personality. This is how Joai fell in love with Sajid Ali.

20-year-old girl falls in love with 52-year-old teacher 

Zoya said that as a teacher, Sajid ignored her. But one day Zoya told him her heart and Sajid understood Zoya’s mind. After receiving a proposal from Zoya, Sajid asked for a week to think. During this time, he too falls in love with Joa. Then they decided to get married.