What Binge Eating Can Do To Your Body?


Binge eating is frequently described as an addiction by itself, an addiction to food. Binge eating problems cause compulsive overeating that make the sufferer feel like she does not have control over her eating routine.
Binge eating is the most typical eating disorder nowadays and it affects both men and women. The health problems caused by binge eating are many.

Binge eating might begin in adolescence, but frequently goes untreated. That is, till the patient begins to suffer from more than one of the many health problems which are associated with compulsive overeating. Here are some of the adverse effects that a binge eating disorder may have on your health.

Binge eating episodes might vary in duration from two to twenty four hours, and sufferers of binge eating disorder might consume thousands of calories during one episode.
While lots of sufferers of binge eating disorder manage to keep a healthy weight for a long time, due to a naturally high metabolic rate, many others finally become big-boned and after that obese.

The health problems associated with obesity might be deadly. Binge eaters frequently become victims of heart diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Those who suffer from binge eating disorders and become obese need to seek professional help to be able to get back to a regular, healthful bodyweight.
Binge eating disorder sufferers frequently struggle with emotions of depression. They often feel frustrated, guilty and embarrassed about their inability to control their very own eating routine.
They suffer from emotions of guilt, worthlessness, hopelessness and depression. They either suffer from insomnia or end up sleeping a lot. They also have suicidal thoughts.
They can have difficulty in maintaining relationships or improving at work since episodes of binge eating intervene with work and social activities. People who binge eat frequently might take to alcohol or drugs. Hence, these health problems caused by binge eating need immediate attention.


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