VIDEO: A Woman Fan kisses Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah in public

Woman kisses Karnataka Chief Minister in public

Standing next to Chief Minister for a group photo, Girija Srinivas, who is Tarikere Taluk Panchayat member from Amruthapura in Chikmagalur district, all of a sudden in her moment of joy gave a peck on his cheek and walked away.

Siddaramaiah, visibly embarrassed by the incident, wiped his cheek with a big smile. The Karnataka Chief Minister hails from Kuruba community. Speaking to a TV channel, the woman said she was happy that the Chief Minister was also a Kuruba, and called him a "lion of the community".

"I was overjoyed by the fact that I was standing next to him. My family and I have always called him "Appaji" (father)."  She also clarified that placing a peck on Siddaramaiah's cheek was not preplanned. 

Srinivas hails from Varuna in Mysuru district which is Siddaramaiah's assembly constituency. She is married to a man from Chikmagalur. Speaking to reporters Siddaramaiah said, "that girl is like my daughter." 

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