Signs That She Is Angry At You

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There are times when your girlfriend would get angry and you are still confused. Finding out the reasons of her being angry at you is important to solve the issue. In this article, find out about the signs that she is angry at you. These are the signs that need you to get on your toes and work towards getting things right, otherwise it takes a toll on your relationship. Sometimes if you are getting the cold shoulder from your girlfriend, or if there are any other subtle negative message that is making you feel uncomfortable, then ohh boy think its an alarming sign. So you need to find out the reason. It's best that you try to figure out whether something is wrong, or whether if you're simply overreacting.
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She Stops Calling You By Nicknames This is the most important reaction that would make you understand that your lady is angry on you. She would call you by your name and her tone would be just plain. So watch out trouble might be on its way!

She Stops To Get In Touch Remember this simple rule that when your girl is mad at you, she won't bother making first contact. She will be the first one to contact you and start making plans for the day. And if she does not, then there are chances that she is really mad at you

When she is mad at you her responses will be reduced to a simple yes, no, hmm, okay kind of thing. If you get any of these replies in your text, then boy start counting your bad deeds as she is really mad

She Responds Late, If At All If you are lucky enough that she replies back to you apart from ok or hmm, then this will be a give away. She would generally reply or respond to your messages instantly, but when angry you can expect her to reply real late!

She Is “Sarcastically” Happy Ohh boy!! You are in trouble when she is in this mode. Everything that she loved about you becomes sarcastic. She would only find ways to taunt you and make you feel pathetic. So find a way out ASAP


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