National: In Assam MNREGA workers discovers cache of AK 47 underground

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According to sources it is reported that a cache of AK-47 ammunition was discovered by a  group of MNREGA workers who are engaged in digging works at Pati Doi Nagaon village in Tinsukia district’s Sadiya subdivision on Friday. The ammunition packed in a polythene bag was hidden under the ground.

26 live AK-47 bullets and a magazine were recovered from the site. said Sadiya SP Nimbalkar Vaibhav Chandrakant.

However, this come with no surprises as in the past there have been instances of the recovery of hidden arms and ammunition from the Sadiya sub-dividion, considered a hotbed for Ulfa (I) and Maoist activities in upper Assam.

In January 2009, 27 AK-56 rifles were recovered from a rice granary in a village. In October 2009, one AK-56 rifle, one SLR, a grenade launcher, four 9 mm pistols, four pen pistols, 35 kg of RDX were found buried inside a reserve forest at Deopani reserve forest. In July 2012, one US-made M-16 rifle, two German-made rocket launchers and ammunition were recovered which were kept buried in a jungle at Ambikapur.

“The spot is 2 km from the Sadiya Police Station. The ammunition was found in a rusted condition and was probably buried a long time ago. We’re examining if there are any more such caches buried anywhere,” added Sadiya SP Nimbalkar Vaibhav Chandrakant.


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