How To Use Lemon On Your Hair?

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It is surprising just how many things you can find in the kitchen that would somehow solve most of your skin and hair problems. That’s how some of the easily available ingredients like lemons can be used to solve your beauty issues. You can use lemons for your hair and find so many benefits from it.
Lemons are used to add flavour to the food, especially when one is sick with the flu. Nothing feels better than soup with lemon in it, mostly because that’s one of the things you can taste when sick.

Lemon juice also helps ease dehydration and all the problems that come along with it on really hot days. Is there anything more refreshing than a glass of lemonade? We don’t think so.
At times, it even cures headaches and acidity. And, of course, lemons are the best cure to hangovers, and are even said to help stop someone from vomiting.
Also, lemons have a lot of benefits in the beauty department, especially in terms of skin and hair care. Here, we will be telling you how you can use lemons for your hair. Lemons do seem like an all-purpose cure to almost everything, don’t they?
1. For Dandruff Reduction: Lemon juice is definitely one of the best cures for dandruff. That is why you see so many anti-dandruff shampoos with lemon as an ingredient. It deep cleanses your scalp to remove dandruff.

2. To Treat Greasy Hair: One of the best and easiest ways to stop your hair from being too greasy is by using lemon juice. This is best for people who are suffering from excessively oily scalp.

3. For Shiny Hair: Mix the juice from a lemon into two teaspoons of honey and use this on your hair. Do not put any of it on your scalp. This will give your hair lustre and shine after you wash it.

4. Hair Bleaching: Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent and has the ability to lighten your hair. Just apply some of the juice on your strands, whichever area you want to lighten. Going out into the sun after doing this would intensify the highlight.

5. For Hair Growth: Mix a few drops of lemon juice in coconut oil for a concoction that would speed up your hair growth like nothing else. Use this twice a week for best results. This is one perfect example of how to use lemon for hair.

6. Natural Cleanser: Lemon juice acts as a natural cleanser. Mix lemon juice in a paste of baking soda and water and use it as a shampoo.


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