How to Make Yogurt at Home

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Making yogurt at home is not much of a difficult task, it’s pretty simple though. However, it is a little tricky and takes time to figure out the timings. It obviously takes a little effort, but homemade fresh yogurt is totally worth it. Listed below are the directions to make homemade yogurt.
How to Make Homemade Yogurt
Use fresh and heavy cream milk.
Boil the milk the way you normally do so, that it doesn’t get spoiled during the process.
Leave the milk in room temperature to cool it down.
Make sure that the milk is warm and not hot before you start the process otherwise it won’t end up looking good.
Add some yogurt to the milk. Make sure that you dissolve it uniformly.
Then cover the milk mixture with a thick cloth piece and leave it in a warm place (you can simply place it on the kitchen counter or in the oven).
Now keep a check on the yogurt. It takes lesser time to form in the summers as compared to the winters.
You can use milk in whatever quantity that is required. (1 teaspoon of yogurt is enough for ½ a liter of milk.)
Refrigerate the yogurt after it has been formed and smoothly settled.
Enjoy your homemade fresh yogurt!
Yogurt is healthy and essential for our diet due to its health benefits. It is made out of milk but actually has more benefits than milk does.
Yogurt contains protein that is crucial for repairing of the cells, tissues and building up muscles. Consuming yogurt is an amazing way of taking in protein thus, very beneficial for fitness freaks.
Why take vitamin B12 supplements when you have it in its natural form in yogurt. Vitamin B 12 improves your skin and nails. It helps hair grow and also improves brain health.
Our body requires balanced amount of sodium and potassium for normal working. Our daily diet contains a lot of sodium in it. Yogurt contains potassium that can help balance out the sodium.

Yogurt is rich in iodine. Iodine is the key substance required for good thyroid function, improved metabolism, better digestion and weight loss.
Yogurt contains calcium, which is important for our bone health. Calcium also helps lose weight by reducing the amount of fat being stored in our body.
Yogurt Recipes
Yogurt can be added to countless recipes, which includes smoothies, desserts, curries, batters and toppings.


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