Health: Finally Winters Start If You Feel Dryness So Must Try These Things

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Winter is just round the corner. As we observe change in the weather, everything from our head to toe changes; our wardrobe, our food and even our health. One thing that bothers most of the people is how to take care of our skin in the sizzling cold weather.
Our skin turns extremely dry. On one hand, where we use tons of moisturizers, creams, and lotions in order to avoid dryness, on the other hand, we say ‘good bye’ to our fair complexion as it’s a gift of winter. These moisturizers turn us into walking-talking oil factories and we cannot help but hate the weather.
But cursing the weather won’t help. You don’t need to be sad; we can still shine even in winters just by following some common skincare home-remedies (totkas).
Remove the outer part of an aloe vera plant. Add lemon and some honey in it. You can keep this paste for some days and use it on your body in order to get shiny moist skin.
Mash bananas and add honey in it. Use this mask once a week on your skin in order to get some really amazing results.

Keep used tea-bags in the fridge and use them on your eyes in order to get rid of dark circles.
Peach and honey paste is also an amazing mask to use on your skin.
Tomato paste, honey and lemon mask also results in moist skin.


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