Get Strong Bones With This Ancient Recipe From Sparta

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Bones are living tissues that contain nerves, blood cells and marrow. Marrow is the place where the blood cells are created. Bones constantly tear down and rebuild themselves and this process never ends.
If this process does not take place effectively, we will break bones on a regular basis. Bone density is very important in order to have strong bones. The lower the score of bone density, greater is the risk of having a bone fracture.

Read this article to know about one powerful remedy that can help build bone density. This ancient recipe has been in existence since time immemorial and was followed in the old city of Sparta, a part of ancient Greece.
Let’s see what magic did the ancient warriors of Sparta use to revive their bone strength.
10 spoons of flax seeds
5 spoons of ground sesame seeds
Few pumpkin seeds
Few grains of wheat
A little of sunflower seeds
3 spoons of raisins
1 kg of clover/honey

Take a large bowl and mix the flax seeds and ground sesame seeds along with honey.
The content will become thick now, so you may add a very small amount of water.
The above step may be ignored if the mixture is not too thick.
Now, add all other seeds to this mixture and finally add a few grains of wheat.
Use a wooden spoon to mix the content well

Transfer the content into a glass jar. Take one spoon of this mixture before breakfast and one spoon before lunch. Your bone health is taken care of now; and you don’t need to have any more bone-related worries.


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