MP finance minister Raghavji’s Porn CD leaked. Police arrested him in the matter. Raghavji is a BJP leader who was finance minister of Madhya Pradesh but due to this allegations he had to resign from his post.

A former male aide had accused him for making his nude clips as well. The police lost track of Raghavji after his 79th birthday party. The Complaint was filed on Friday. However, the FIR was registered on Sunday, because 6 hour long investigation was done of his servant.

After losing the minister’s post, Raghavji just said in to save himself that he was framed under political conspiracy. But, Delhi’s CFSL confirmed that in that CD, BJP leader and former minister Raghavji seemed to calm his lust with his servant Rajkumar.

Watch the video embed down below to know more about the news story as well as to know why the finance minister of Madhya Pradesh, Raghavji had been arrested.

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