Entertainment: Kim Kardashian thought she was going to be raped

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The famous reality television star was robbed by five masked men who stole millions of dollars worth in jewellery which included a 20-carat-diamond.

According to a report in TMZ, Kim Kardashian thought she was going to be raped as new details emerged about the Paris robbery.

She was in bed in her robe asleep, when she heard footsteps up the stairs of her two storey apartment.

The report suggested that Kim saw one masked man and another wearing a police hat through the sliding door.

She immediately tried to call her bodyguard but the phone was snatched out of her hand.

Her hands were zip tied, they bound her wrists and ankles and duct taped her mouth before putting her in the bathtub.

She was put in a marbles bathtub as the gunmen proceeded to rob her.

She screamed and begged them not to kill her as she had babies. She told them to take whatever they want and she had money.

Her biggest fear was that they would rape her.

According to the report, Kim told the police that the robbers spoke only in French.

The only thing she understood when she heard them say ‘ring ring’ when she realised they were looking for the 20-carat engagement ring her husband Kanye West have given to her.

She told them where the ring was. The ring’s reportedly worth ($4.5 million) and was last seen on Kim’s finger in a Snapchat she had posted earlier that night.

Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard managed to reach the apartment two minutes after the robbers escaped on rented bicycles.

The robbery lasted for six minutes.

Kim’s bodyguard were alerted by her friend Simone, who was sleeping her in the room downstairs.

Kanye West is reportedly furious with his security team and has cancelled his concert.


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