NEW DELHI: National award winning actor Prakash Raj who doesn’t step back from speaking his mind is yet again in spotlight.

The talented veteran actor and social activist expressed his opinion on the Hindutva groups and questioned, “‘why are you POLITICIANS WASTING OUR TIME.”

He took to his official Twitter handle and without naming any party or leader, questioned the politicians , why they are digging history by focusing on Taj Mahal and the 18th century brave warrior, Tipu Sultan rather than concentrating on the relevant issues such as farmers plight, lack of jobs which hold more importance.

Prakash tweeted, ‘Instead of focussing omn farmers’ plight.. jobs to the simmering youngsters of our country, roads, schools, hospitals…..instead of focusing on governance and development but on just winning elections..

“Why are you politicians wasting our time digging history #tipusultan #tajmahal and creating hatred for which WE THE LIVING are not responsible..#justasking.”