Do We Show Attitude To Loved Ones?

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Frankly speaking, it is meaningless to show attitude to loved ones. But knowingly or unknowingly, we do that most of the time.

Well, the word attitude has a positive meaning but showing attitude to others garnered a negative meaning because we tend to carry a false air of importance when we try to feel superior over the other in any relationship.

But why do we do so? Is it because we try to take a loved one for granted? Or do we think that a person who is in love with us will forever stick to us irrespective of our attitudes and tantrums? Well, let us explore this topic a bit…


To Demand More Attention 
When a loved one isn't giving enough attention to feel good, then some people try to show attitude to give signals that one isn't too available. They think that this trick might work but at the end of the day, someone giving you attention depends upon lots of other factors. Showing attitude might not work.

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We Take The Loved Ones For Granted 
Most of us treat others with care but when it comes to loved ones, we tend to take them for granted. In fact, it should be the reverse. We need to show more affection to loved ones and treat others in the circle normally.

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To Show Frustration

When your loved one has hurt you in the past, you tend to wait for an opportunity to show your frustration. And when he or she approaches you, you will start showing attitude to take revenge. In fact, that is immature. It would complicate things but doesn't solve the issue.

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