Did You Know You Use Use This Simple Trick Rice Will Not Make You Fat

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Rice is a staple food in many countries and popular across the globe for its incredible ability to go with anything from curries to kebabs.

However, its starchy overtones make weight watchers cringe. Starch in white rice converts into sugar when consumed, thereby, adding to body fat.

But, for all of you who want to enjoy rice without worrying about putting on extra kilos, here is a solution that will reduce its calorific value by up to 50 per cent.

Researchers in Sri Lanka have found out a new way to cook rice, which will not only make it calorie light but also offer added benefits.


Add coconut oil to a boiling pot of water and then add white rice. For half a cup of rice put a teaspoon of oil. After the rice is cooked, keep it in the refrigerator for almost 12 hours. When you want to eat it, just heat the portion in a microwave.


Different starches take different amounts of time to get digested by our body.

Some starches get converted into glucose faster and then glycogen.

Glycogen is the main culprit here, when stored in excess, we need to burn more energy to deal with it.

So, the idea is to reduce digestible starch.

And that is done by adding coconut oil that changes the architecture of starch in the rice and chilling it helps promote conversion of starches.

Now you can enjoy that bowl of rice…absolutely guilt free. Bon appétit!


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