Deepika Padukone Arrives In Mumbai And This Is What She Is Wearing!

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So look… finally who arrived? Deepika has been busy shooting with likes of Ruby Rose and others. And now finally she is back home.  But before we had gone any further, we were made to cover Deepika's latest flight look. Because come on, it's Deepika Padukone. And also, her flight looks are always awesome.  Unlike most of the times, Deepika was not wearing her hat, which was something new. To state Deepika's look in a few words, we would like to put it as, she could play the next Cat Woman in Batman series, if styled well. 

She was all black from head-to-toe. She paired a black tank top with black leather leggings with a lighter tone of black knee-length boots. Dear girl! We get it. You love black. She added a tote bag to the look. And of course, a pair of sunnies are always good to go.


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