Can Men And Women Be ‘Just Friends OR NOT ?

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Can men and women be just friends? Most of the surveys claim it is very tough to be just friends with the opposite sex at least in the long run. Yes, male female friendships are not easy.

If strong feelings gradually develop between two friends of the opposite sex, attraction may dominate and change the equations permanently. Relationship experts say that men and women can be just friends but it happens only in rare cases. A majority of the cases seem to have proved otherwise. Especially if you are not already in a committed relationship, having a friend of the opposite sex may gradually tempt you to try romance.

If you are a group of friends who regularly go to movies, dinners and parties then the scope of falling in love could be less because you are 'just friends' with the whole crowd and you just love doing things with the whole crowd. Now, let us discuss more on this…

     22-Times Media 24

Fact #1 A recent study claims that though women are able to treat their men friends as ‘just friends', men tend to gradually develop romantic feelings secretly.

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Fact #2 Also, many men tend to secretly develop love towards their female friends and some may even try to take it to the physical level too.

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Fact #3 Some studies say that there are many benefits to such friendships between men and women. Men can understand women better by mingling with female friends and women also can get a glimpse of a man's brain by talking to their male Friends.

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Fact #4 Yes, men and women can surely be just friends. But in some cases, it would be difficult to keep the relationship in limits especially when one of the two is too attractive.

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Fact #5 Some studies show that some men and women start the whole thing as just friends but as they spend more time with each other fall in love and may start converting the relationship into a romantic one.

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Fact #6 The best way to know whether your male friend is treating you as just friend or anything else is to observe his behavior with you.

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Fact #7 If a man flirts with you or tries to express his love in any way or keeps in touch with you all the time through texts or mails then you can easily suspect that he has more than friendship on his mind.


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