Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmvaat’ finally hit the screens today. The film faced a lot of backlash from Rajput community and Karni Sena asking for the ban on the film. However, Supreme Court announced that the film will not be banned and the plea was rejected.

However, Karni Sena is trying hard to destroy Bhansali’s efforts. The film was predicted to break all the records on box-office. However, a facebook page just streamed the first half of the film LIVE on Facebook.

The Facebook page named ‘जाटों का अड्डा’ (Jaaton Ka Adda) went live from film theatre and streamed the first part of the film. Moreover, in the comment section, they explained that the video is not very clear since the film is in 3D.

The Live video ran on the facebook page and got around 4 Lakh views in just 1 hour. The video has been taken down now.