A street cleaner who touched the hearts of the Saudi people

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Riyadh: A photo of a poor street cleaner standing in front of a glittering display of a jewellery shop, has touched the hearts of Saudi social media users.

In an ironic turn of events, a Twitter user had posted the photo of the man to ridicule him.

“This man should be looking only at other street cleaners,” said the caption under the picture of the old bearded foreigner staring at the items behind the shop glass.

However, social media users were so outraged that they slammed his tweets, which denigrated the man’s dignity and humanity.

Touched by the photo which went viral online, they took to their Twitter accounts to express compassion, promising to help the cleaner financially.

One Twitter user even offered the street cleaner an expensive gold set as a token of compassion and solidarity, if the man was identified.

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