7 Beautiful Hijab Styles To Try During This Ramzan

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With the holy month of Ramzan upon us and Eid right around the corner, the celebration time is nearing and all the women are prepping up on their fashion quotient. Hijabs are an integral part of the Islamic culture and there are millions of different ways to wear them. A Hijab is considered a part of a woman's modesty and grace. With time, the hijab has evolved to become not only a religious symbol but also a fashion accessory. A hijab can be styled in multiple ways and accessorised along with other ornaments. There are techniques of layering the hijab and wearing an undercap underneath to keep the hair covered while loosely draping the hijab. Let's take a look at some of the hijab styles that you could try during this festive season of Ramzan. 

The Side Knot 
Wearing this style with an undercap is necessary, since it wraps around the neck and drapes loosely over the head with a French-styled side knot. This look is great with dreamy light fabrics for the daytime

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The Scarf Wrap 
Looks great with formal outfits, and this style is inspired by the classic scarf drape that knots up in front of the neck with a triangle-style drape

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The One-Shouldered Drape 
A head wrap followed by a layered drape over one shoulder and a tucked-in drape around the neck to secure the hijab, is what this look is all about. This is another romantic look that is best suited with lighter fabrics and floral tones

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