45-Year-Old Man Standing In ATM Queue Dies Of Heart Attack In West Bengal


WEST BENGAL: A 45-year-old man died in West Bengal on Saturday morning while standing in a queue at a State Bank of India ATM. According to witnesses, the man suddenly collapsed and was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

But according to some reports, there was a delay in providing help despite several others being there at the queue to withdraw money.

According to doctors at the hospital, Kallol Roy Chowdhury suffered a heart attack and was dead by the time he was brought to the hospital. The incident, that comes just a day after two deaths were linked to demonetisation queues, took place near Bandel station in Kolkata at around 7:30 am.

“The man was standing in a line. Suddenly he collapsed and we called a local doctor. Later, he was taken to hospital,” the security guard posted at the ATM told reporters.

Soon after the report of the death came in, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again over his decision to scrap old 500 and 1,000 rupee notes in a bid to curb tax evasion and corruption.

Mr Chowdhury, who worked in the Cooch Behar district, got off a train at Bandel station on the way to his home in Kolkata’s Behala area. In the time available, he decided to stand in a queue at the nearest ATM, hoping to withdraw some money.

“When we noticed he had collapsed, we called a doctor and he was later sent to hospital. His family was informed from contact details that were available on him,” a local Panchayat leader said.

Mr Chowdhury’s family is in a state of shock. Family members say he had been trying to withdraw cash for the last few days.

The opposition led by the Trinamool Congress has criticised the demonetisation move for the hardships it has caused people who have had to stand in queues for their own money while the government has said the cash shortage will ease by the end of the year.


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