Celebrities always keeps their personal life away from the limelight but there are few celebs who talk about their personal life fearlessly and don’t give a damn to reactions. We live in an era where loosing your mobile is more problematic than loosing your virginity. Earlier maidenhood used to be considered as virtue to give up after marriage but today things have changed drastically, people are hardly concerned about the consequences. That’s why celebs are now more opened and connected with their fans who are always curious to know the secrets of their favorite stars. At an age we were busy with our school homework or playing video games, these 15 celebs were enjoying the period of intercourse.

Angelina Jolie – At the age of 14, Angelia encountered her first intercourse..

Sunny Leone – Bollywood actress lost her virginity when she was just 16.

Fergie – American singer had boldly accepted truth of having sex at the age of 18.